The Angel’s Family

Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton

Angel’s Story

(as told by her Grandmother, Peg)

Baby AngelMy name is Peg and I live in Newton, Iowa. I would like to share my story with you. My beautiful granddaughter, Angel Rose, was born October 15, 2011 at Miami Valley Hospital almost 3 months early. She was 2 pounds and 4 ounces with a Stage IV Brain Bleed, underdeveloped lungs, a faulty heart valve, a hole in her stomach and a perforated bowel.

On October 20th, she was transferred to Dayton Children’s Hospital to be closer to her surgeons. This is the day that my daughter and Angel Rose’s mom, Christina, moved into the Dayton Ronald McDonald House. We are so grateful that RMHC gave her a place to stay close to Angel Rose, as Christina does not drive and had no source of transportation. Thank you for making a difference! My husband, Bill, and I drove over from Iowa (a nine hour trip) to see Angel Rose and Christina whenever we could. Christina needed emotional support and her family desperately. When we came the first week after Angel Rose was born, we stayed at a local motel but it was not a good experience.

The next couple of times we came, we stayed at better motel but at the north end of Dayton but we had to make many trips back and forth from the motel and hospital. In January of 2012, RMHC graciously opened their door to us. One time, we were headed back home to Iowa only to turn around 1 hour out because of an emergency with Angel Rose and the RMHC again accommodated us. Thank you for making a difference!

During those 4 1/2 months while Angel Rose was in the hospital, Christina was dealing with depression, post-partum blues, her very sick baby and stress…. RMHC staff provided suggestions, let her vent her frustrations and were very supportive. Staff such as Casey, Carrie, Amanda, Sharon, Kara, Penny, Ross, Emily and others were very caring, kind and helpful. Because Bill and I could not be there for Christina as much as we would have liked, my sister, Donna, was also there to support her. RMHC has also allowed Donna to stay with Christina. Thank you for making a difference!

The RMHC is so clean, comfortable, safe and home-like. We appreciated being just across the street from Angel Rose. We bonded with the wonderful staff and with a few of the families staying there. The meals were delicious, fresh and abundant. We were in awe of all the volunteers that brought in food, spread cheer over the holidays and/or helped clean the house. It inspired us to do more volunteering and giving in the future. Thank you for making a difference!

Angel Rose got her [release] papers on 2/21/12. She had surgery to fix her head and heart; the stomach and bowels eventually healed; and she is breathing on her own and drinking from a bottle. We brought Angel Rose over to RMHC to say good-bye one last time before we left for Iowa. The staff gave Christina a good-bye gift! That is really going above and beyond! Thank you for making a difference!

Yes, you have made a big difference in our family’s lives and provided us comfort when we really needed it. Thank you and God bless you! – Peg.