The Clack Family

Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton

The Clack FamilyStephanie and Lance Clack looked forward to the birth of their third child, a baby girl they planned to name Ellee. At the time, they had no idea of the challenges awaiting their young family.

During what seemed to be a routine Caesarean section, their precious Ellee suffered significant birth trauma. Despite resuscitation efforts, she stopped breathing and coded. Things looked bleak, but little Ellee was born a fighter. During additional rescue attempts, Stephanie emotionally recalled that, “Approximately three minutes later, a transport nurse noticed a flutter in Ellee’s chest. She proceeded to put her stethoscope on Ellee to discover that her heart had restarted…, going from no beats to 124 beats per minute. Our miracle was born!”

Ellee was immediately transported to Dayton Children’s Medical Center. Unfortunately, she had suffered significant brain damage due to lack of oxygen. A determined baby Ellee fought for her life in the hospital for four demanding months under the critical care of medical experts as well as her parents’ loving crib-side vigil. Thanks to the Dayton Ronald McDonald House, Stephanie and Lance could stay by their baby girl’s side, supporting her through every trying moment and celebrating every little triumph. Stephanie said, “We were available to advocate for our daughter who could not do so for herself. Because of the time saved by staying across the street at the Ronald McDonald House, we were able to complete our training in order to take Ellee home almost 2 months earlier than anticipated.”

The Clack’s were able to find comfort and strength by keeping their family together during their 108-day stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Thanks to the accommodations of the House, their two older children, Natalee and Lukas, were able to stay with them, keeping the family intact and unified. According to Stephanie and Lance, “We can never thank the staff and volunteers of RMHC enough for the wonderful words of encouragement and support they have given us throughout the last two years since Ellee’s birth. Instead of just being a place to stay, Ronald McDonald House became our home.”