The Vanscoy Family

Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton

Amanda and FamilyAfter a few nights apart, I brought [my son] to stay with me at the House so he could participate in the process of helping with his new little sister.”

The names in this story have been changed to protect the privacy of the family. The following story is told by Tessa’s mother, Amanda.

“I was 28-weeks pregnant when my family welcomed baby Tessa into the world. It started when I saw a specialist in Vandalia to make sure Tessa’s head was forming properly and that everything was on target for her growth. To my surprise, when the specialist checked, they told me that I was contracting. I went straight to the Berry Women’s Center at Miami Valley Hospital. On November 13 at 24-weeks pregnant, I was admitted and I was there until December 1 and was able to go home on bed rest.

While at home on December 7, my water broke and I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. When I arrived, the doctor was hesitant to deliver since I was only 28 weeks, but later decided that they needed to get the baby out immediately! I was given medicine to kick start my labor. After checking to see how far dilated I was, they noticed that the umbilical cord popped. I was rushed to have an emergency C-section!

My baby girl, Tessa, was born at 12:44 p.m. on December 9 weighing only 2lbs and 10.3 oz. Three days later, I was released from the hospital and went home for the night. The next morning, I went back to visit my daughter where I then learned of the Ronald McDonald House. I was happy to receive a referral for a room at the House, one which would allow me to stay just across the street form Tessa. Initially, I didn’t have my son Landon staying with me. Not being with him was weighing on my mind, so after a few nights apart, I brought him to stay with me at the House so he could participate in the process of helping with his new little sister.

The Ronald McDonald House was a big help in allowing the family to see our new baby girl Tessa. The House helped transport me to the hospital, provided my family a place to sleep, allowed us to do laundry, provided us fresh meals and assisted in anything else I needed to do before I went to visit my daughter every day. They were very understanding when I needed to go home for a while to spend time with family and to get my head on straight.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the Ronald McDonald House and the services they provided for myself and my family. When my husband and I can, we will be giving back to the Ronald McDonald House, so they can keep helping those who need it.”