The Walker Family

Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton

“Words cannot express the love and appreciation we have for the staff and the Ronald McDonald House.”


Lukas Walker was born at Miami Valley Hospital nine weeks early and with this premature birth came several complications – he was born septic, had a perforation in his small intestine, and had a grade 4 brain bleed. Lukas was quickly transferred to Dayton Children’s NICU for specialty care, leaving his family stunned and scared. 

“We were so afraid of what was going to happen to him, and we live about an hour and a half from Dayton,” said Lukas’s mom, Dorothy. 

The Walker family knew this was only the beginning of their journey and living so far from Dayton added an extra stress to the family. Soon after arriving at Dayton Children’s, the Walker’s learned about the Ronald McDonald House, located just across the street from Dayton Children’s. 

“Once we arrived, we were comforted by the staff and welcomed with open arms.” 

As the Walker family settled into the Ronald McDonald House, Lukas underwent heart surgery and got a pin rose placement for his perforated bowel. While recovering from surgery, Lukas fought multiple bouts of pneumonia and a MRSA infection. He required a ventilator and total bypasses of his gastrointestinal tract. 

After a record-setting 299 nights at the Ronald McDonald House, Lukas was finally healthy enough to head home.

“It’s sad that we broke the record for days stayed, but those days were filled with the love and support that we needed. We will NEVER forget that the Ronald McDonald House and staff are remarkable.