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Your Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

A dime here. A quarter there. It might not seem like much but when millions give, those coins add up to help children and families worldwide in truly amazing ways.

There are two easy ways to give at McDonald’s:

The RMHC Donation Boxes in McDonald’s restaurants are one of our largest ongoing fundraisers. These funds come from people like you filling the Donation Boxes with nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Round-Up for RMHC is a new extension of the Donation Box Program that allows you to “round-up” your bill to the nearest dollar for RMHC. It’s simple! Just ask your cashier or check the box on the kiosk to Round-Up for RMHC.

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Let your small change make a big difference by donating your spare change in a RMHC donation box or telling your cashier that you want to Round-Up for RMHC at any area McDonald’s and support RMHC Dayton. Learn more about RMHC Dayton’s partnership with McDonald’s.