ENGLEWOOD, Ohio (RMHC Dayton) – Flying Ace Car Wash’s Englewood store is donating all proceeds from its limited-edition Pumpkin Spice air freshener to RMHC Dayton. The benefit lasts through the month of September.

“Customers will donate a dollar in exchange for a complimentary air freshener. All of the proceeds that we collect from the air fresheners go to a local charity of our choice,” said Kayla Cortes, Site Manager at Flying Ace Car Wash Englewood.

Every quarter, Flying Ace Car Washes can independently designate a different charity for the campaign. All of the proceeds at the Englewood location at 9204 N. Main Street will benefit RMHC Dayton. Coates said the decision to support RMHC Dayton was basically unanimous.

“A lot of us here have kids and when we were looking at local nonprofits that we wanted to work with, it really stuck with us that we couldn’t even fathom being in a situation that these families are in and the diagnoses they’re dealing with or medical issues they’re dealing with with their children,” said Coates.

“What better way for us to help those families than to collect donations from our customers.”

The air freshener is designed to go along with the season and with Fall underway, the Pumpkin Spice scent is going fast. Usually, her store hands out 1,100-1,200 air fresheners during the campaign. Already, her team has distributed more than 850 air fresheners.

“This time we’re doing way better than we anticipated. A lot of people are actually donating more. Some people are donating $50 and only taking one air freshener,” said Coates.

“To see the outpouring of support from the community and the people who are willing to give and help out these families is absolutely heartwarming.”

In addition to helping charity, the air fresheners feature a QR code that customers can use to enter a raffle to win free car washes for a year.

Pumpkin Spice fans and RMHC supporters are encouraged to get their limited-edition air freshener sooner rather than later.

“We have plenty of air fresheners left but we are doing incredibly well this time around. We do anticipate selling out.”

If you’re interested in having a third-party fundraiser for RMHC Dayton like this one, click here to Host A Fundraiser.