DAYTON, Ohio (RMHC Dayton) – The Goldshots have supported RMHC Dayton for several years through the Adopt a Room program. When Debbie decided to turn her passion for quilting into a nonprofit, she knew exactly where to donate some of the quilts the group makes.

The group is called Gold Heart Quilters and the goal is to bring comfort through their handmade creations.

“We started with two or three people in 2017, and here we are in 2021 with over 45,” said Debbie Goldshot.

The organization has even expanded into other states and now has a small group of quilters in Florida.

As a part of the Adopt a Room program, supporters receive reports on how their room was used. It includes information about the number of families that stayed, the average length of stay and the furthest distance traveled, among others.

“When I got the recap letter telling me how the room (that we sponsor) was used, I just felt like God was pushing me to say, ‘They probably need some quilts too.’”

Recently, Debbie dropped off more than 100 quilts so families at RMHC Dayton could wrap themselves up in something handmade.

“The families there are going through hard times,” said Goldshot.

The quilts are made available to families at check-in to use both during their stay and to take home with them. Quilts are also placed in baskets for family visitors at the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms inside Dayton Children’s Hospital and at Emmett’s Place inside Miami Valley Hospital.

According to Debbie, each quilt costs between $75-100 to make and takes up to 10 hours, sometimes longer. The quilters meet once a month to sew together and to talk about the organizations they donate quilts to.

“I know what wonderful things Ronald McDonald House does. Families desire and need places like that. If we could just be an addition to that help where they might just think someone is thinking of them during their time of need, that’s what it’s all about to me.”

The average length of stay for families at RMHC Dayton is 12 nights. The services are valued at $223 per night and families can stay at no cost to them.

If you would like to Adopt a Room, click here.