The Bennington’s Story

Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton

Porter at Dayton Children's

This story was told by Porter’s mom.

With no warning sign, Porter’s heart rate rose to over 300 BPM, and we were rushed from our one-week appointment to the local ER. He was transported to Dayton Children’s Hospital where we thought he would be kept for observation over night. By 10 PM, we were told by the cardiologist that Porter wasn’t leaving any time soon. I started to panic.

How was I going to continue breastfeeding my son? How was I going to handle traveling 3+ hours to and from each day? Would I stay over night in the NICU? What was I going to do with my other children?

Our nurse mentioned the Ronald McDonald House to us and highly suggested we apply. After a very difficult 24 hours, it was nice to be able to shower and eat. After staying over night in the NICU, I can’t explain how nice it was to be able to go to the House and just have a place to escape when we felt mentally and emotionally drained.

The Bennington family
My husband and I can not thank Ronald McDonald House Charities of Dayton enough for keeping us close to the NICU for the 6 days our son was there. Without this service, we would have been traveling an hour and a half each way to see Porter. This House gave us the breaks we needed and allowed me to continue breastfeeding my son.

We didn’t think we would need it. We thought it was just for families of very sick children who needed a long-term place to stay. In our heads, we weren’t going to be there long.

When you go through McDonald’s and see the donation box: donate your change. RMHC Dayton makes a huge difference for families and their children in the hospital, especially when plans change at a moment’s notice.