Cohesion Athlete and Ohio State Wide Receiver, Marvin Harrison Jr Teams Up with RMHC to Promote Round Up

Marvin Harrison Jr. with his family at RMHC

We are very excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Cohesion Athlete and Ohio State Wide Receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. to promote Round Up at local McDonald’s. 

Each time you stop at a local McDonald’s, you have the opportunity to give back to RMHC Dayton. All you have to do is ask to Round Up for RMHC at the window when you order. You can also Round Up your order at a kiosk or the counter. Your small change donation makes a difference for an RMHC Dayton family staying at the House or using one of our Family Rooms. This is just another way to help us continue our mission of keeping families close to each other and their sick child.

In 2022, RMHC Dayton received over $120,000 through the Round Up program. Next time you order McDonald’s, don’t forget to ask to Round Up for RMHC.