Meet the Stewart Family

What started as a family gathering quickly turned into a gut-wrenching moment as parents Abby and Shane discovered their 18-month-old Ezali unresponsive, floating in the deep end of her grandparents’ pool.

While family members dialed the emergency number, Ezali’s mother, Abby, pulled the little girl out of the pool and started performing CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. “I had CPR training twelve years ago, and thankfully all of my training started to come back in that moment.” Within 4 minutes of receiving the 911 call, the Troy Fire Department was on the scene to administer CPR. By the time the ambulance arrived, Ezali was starting to respond and breathe again.

Ezali was taken to Dayton Children’s Hospital, where doctors informed the family that with Abby’s quick action, the toddler would make a full recovery and with no damage to the brain. Right away, Ezali started responding to the doctor’s tests. The doctors kept her sedated, but she was doing well.

“I was sitting beside Ezali in her hospital room, covered in vomit, and the nurse mentioned the services provided in the RMHC Family Room. I could finally feel human again!”

While Abby and Shane, Ezali’s dad, took turns showering and grabbing a bite to eat, Ezali’s three older siblings found refuge just hanging out and being kids in the Family Room. “There wasn’t much for my older kids to do in the hospital room, so they were very excited to discover the Family Room had video games and was loaded with snacks.” Having the space within the hospital allowed the family to stick together. “We are forever indebted to the Troy Fire Department, hospital, and RMHC for giving my daughter a second chance at life. Thank you!”